Platform number 1 opened for passengers

Last Saturday, the Railway Station’s platform number 1 being under redevelopment since October 2010, was delivered and opened for travelers. Next to be refurbished is the platform number 2 which is already out of use. The platforms number 3 and 4 are still operating and will be revamped respectively in next turns.

The platform 1 was redeveloped by the Transkol company. All remaining platforms (2-4) will be refurbished by „Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Komunikacyjnych w Krakowie S.A.” (PRK). The construction work worths net PLN 49,57 million includes a redevelopment of the platforms, railway lines, revitalization of underground passage-ways’ construction, and a development of new moving stairs, information system for passengers as well as a power grid and water-supply-and-sewage system.

At the very end all the platforms and intertrack spaces will be covered by a solid roof. Then temporary shelters arranged at the platform 1 and planned for the 2-4 platforms will be removed.

The works are to be concluded by 30th of November 2012.