Platforms and one roof

PKP PLK announced a second tender for a refurbishment of the Railway Station’s platform number 1. The platforms will be rebuilt during the redevelopment of the Station’s main hall and Szewczyka Sq. A first tender was canceled because of the overcharged offer price.

“The chosen company will have to refurbish the platform, access tunnels, moving stairways and lift. It will also montage a new information system for passengers. Later on we will announce an invitation for bids for companies which are want to develop a new roof of the platforms.” – said Jacek Karniewski, PKP PLK representative responsible for contacts with the media. “The management board of PKP PLK decided to cover all platforms and railway lines with a one solid roof structure (note: so far, only platforms are hidden under the roof, each platform has a separate roof ). To be more precise a central part of the Station, where entrances from the access tunnels are located, will be roofed. The roof will be a 160 meters long which is about a half of platforms’ length. An overall length of platforms is approximately 300 meters. Currently, the roof’s design is preparing by SUD Architectes.” – he added.

SUD Architectes is also responsible for a design of the Railway Station’s main hall and Galeria Katowicka.

Companies interested in the refurbishment of platform 1 can file theirs motions until 23rd of August 2010.