PLN 2,5 billion to reshape Katowice

In the years to come Katowice will face an extraordinary revamp if plans come true. The City’s downtown is waiting for the famous redevelopment and it seems to be the highest time. A number of other public and private investments and its estimated costs allow to expect the City will undergo the biggest changes in years. The most capital intensive and striking will undoubtedly be the two undertakings – the joint venture’s project of Neinver and Polish State Railways (PKP) as well as a cultural district near the “Spodek” arena with its new seats of the Silesian Museum, the International Convention Center and the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra. A total cost just of these two projects will amount PLN 2 billion.

The foregoing plans stressed that Katowice would be more competitive in the BPO sector. According to King Sturge, a rising interest of companies in Katowice is becoming noticeable. It may translate into transactions which will encourage developers to start following office project in the City. A size of the Upper Silesian agglomeration and a catchment area give also a chance to further expansion of retail schemes, for example the planned extension of Silesia City Center and a development of the new “Supersam” by CDI.

The attractiveness of the City has been already confirmed by such players as Unilever, Mentor Graphics, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Capgemini, Rockwell Automation, Kroll Ontrack, Steria, Deloitte, Ernst&Young, KPMG, Display Link which operate in Katowice. At present, above 40 000 business units are registered in the City including one thousand with foreign capital.

Having in mind the industrial heritage of Katowice as well as the investment plans, it was all expressed by the logo of European Capital of Culture 2016 campaign – a colourful, living heart symbolizes a transformation of Katowice into a vibrant, modern and the European City.

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  1. What about building new stadium for honoured team which has in its name Katowice and plays on a total ruin? Other big towns (even smaller -> Bielsko, Gliwice) can afford for such investment and in this moment build new stadiums…

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