Polish-Spanish consortium will be contracted for first stage of City Center redevelopment

Polish-Spanish consortium of NDI SA and Construcciones y Promociones Balzola S.A. will be contracted to redevelop the City Center in the area of the Market Square and the Roundabout. None of bidders tendering for the contract lodged an appeal against the decision of the City Hall in the National Appeal Chamber, which in practice means a green light for the contract signing.

According to the public procurement law, the bidders had ten days to lodge the appeals. The tender was decided on 15th of December when the City Hall chose the consortium as a prime contractor of the redevelopment’s first stage. It includes the redevelopment of tram lines located between the Roundabout and Moniuszki St., a rebuilding of the tram line in the area of the Market Square, Św. Jana and Kochanowskiego streets (the line located under the railway overbridge) as well as a removal of the tram line from Pocztowa and Dworcowa streets.

“The contract signing should take place in a two-week period. Then, the City Hall will have another two weeks to hand over the construction area to the consortium. It means the works will start approximately in the turn of January and February 2012” – said Daniel Muc, press spokesman of the Roundabout – Market Square redevelopment.

The consortium will revamp the area for PLN 28 069 109 and will have 12 months to conduct the works.

© City Hall of Katowice; tram stop at the Market Sq. near the Silesian Museum's seat
© City Hall of Katowice; tram stop at the Market Sq. near the Silesian Museum