Polyfunctional Center has to wait

When last year Rank Progress lauched details of Polyfunctional Center, a new mix-use complex near “Spodek” many was impressed. Everybody realized that the three towers design prepared by Q2 Studio might create a new symbol of Katowice. Dariusz Wyborski, PR Manager at Rank Progress said to katowicethecity.com what is currently happening with this project.
– Rank Progress didn’t abandon the investment, we still think about Katowice seriously and we want to raise the buildings according to the project. The design is really interesting, both for us and companies which we have spoken to about cooperation – Wyborski said.
– Unfortunately, present market situation doesn’t help us with negotiations and it is very hard to obtain a partner or a bank loan. Polyfunctional Center is a diversified investment – there is a place for office spaces, hotel, apartments and retail space. But even this fact can’t give us a promise of success. Market of Katowice isn’t ready for this kind of investment, not yet. Maybe we will have to introduce some changes with the project or just wait for better times – Wyborski finished.