Primary housing market in Katowice, Q1 2010

The housing market of Katowice is still waiting for recovery. Due to the economic downturn many developments were suspended and supply is low in comparison to the potential of the City and agglomeration. However, prices fall as a consequence and increasing number of transactions last months caused a more positive attitude toward the market.

At present, buyers can choose between 18 new projects mostly located in the south and south-west parts of the City. The housing market in Katowice offers 895 newly developed apartments in total, including 152 ready to occupy immediately. Analysts claim that number of new housing schemes will increase in the nearest future as many postponed projects are going to be recovered. But most of the schemes will back as cheaper and will offer lower standards.

  • Price structure of the primary housing market in Katowice, Q1 2010 (PLN 1 000/sq.m):
    PLN 5 thousand and below: 32,5% of the whole apartments’ offer
    5,1 – 6: 64,4%
    6,1 – 7: 1,2%
    7,1 – 8: 0,1%
    8,1 – 9: 0,9%
    9,1 – 10: 0,7%
    above 10: 0,2%

based on the Emmerson’s report prepared by the Market Reports and Analysis Department