Promotion of Katowice in New York

For three days, between 12th and 14th of October representatives from Katowice and Upper Silesia visited New York to promote Poland and the region. The Silesian delegation included representatives of the City Hall of Katowice, the Katowice Special Economic Zone, the Silesian University of Technology, the Katowice branch of the US-Polish Trade Council, DisplayLink and LGBS Software Polska.

Together with the Polish Consulate in New York, its Consul at the Trade and Investment Section Michał Urbankowski and Wanda Lopuch, President of Global Sourcing Council, who organized the visit, the delegation was working to convince US businesses and potential investors to consider Poland and Upper Silesia a valuable business partner.

On 13th of October, the delegation participated in the Global Outsourcing Conference prepared by Outsourcing Institute. The event was broadcast over the Internet to 12 000 recipients around the world, and was covered by New York Times. The City of Katowice and the Silesia region were presented by Mateusz Skowroński, Mayor’s Plenipotentiary for Contacts with Strategic Investors, and Mariusz Tomaka of DisplayLink and a member of the US-Polish Trade Council, who introduced US businesses to take a closer look at Silesia as a potential service provider.

Next day, on 14th of October, the Consulate General of Poland in New York hosted an event in a reference to the ongoing effort to portray Poland as an Attractive Outsourcing Destination for BPO/ITO and KPO. The event was organized by the Trade and Investment Section of the Consulate which is mainly responsible for the promotion of the economic segment. The event held in the historical premises of De Lamar Mansion, the residence of the Polish Consulate in New York attracted many of the global companies with offices are in New York City. Among others, this included: JP Morgan Chase, Citi Group, Accenture, Berclays Capital, Chartis Insurance, Thompson Reuters, Deloitte and others. The turnout included over 160 representatives from leading American companies. Katowice received the most spotlight inviting companies to outsource their services.

During the event, Consul General Honorable Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka presented a brief overlook on the opportunities and resources available to companies, who are willing to contract various services, once done in-house, to the Polish specialists. The Consul also pointed out advantages to investors in regards to: geographic location of Poland – its location in the middle of Europe, economic stability – constantly growing GDP and a skilled and educated young workforce. The next speaker, the President of The Global Sourcing Council – Wanda Lopuch, explained in detail the constantly changing requirements and environment of today’s markets and the need to reach out for new solutions to “stay on the top of the game,” and ultimately maintain high profits. The speech was followed by the presentation by Mateusz Skowroński. The Mayor’s Plenipotentiary portrayed prospects for foreign companies that place their businesses in Katowice: favorable investment climate, highly qualified workers, a modern office space market, academic centers. In the documentary presented during the event, CEOs of global firms like Capgemini, Steria and PwC spoke about Poland, and how content they are after choosing Katowice as their ultimate destination. Another speaker from Katowice – CEO of DisplayLink for Central and Eastern Europe and a member of US-Polish Trade Council, Mariusz Tomaka, explained from the American investor’s point of view the advantages of and history behind companies making the strategic decision to outsource their R&D services to Polish engineers, as well as the benefits gained from those solutions.

“The high number of attendees only confirms the fact that Poland is already considered a recognized and established investment destination. This is a natural consequence of the positive GDP growth that was registered in Poland last year”- said Henryk Sanecki, Head of the Trade and Investment Section of the Polish Consulate in New York.

“Poland has been portrayed very positively in the press and was highly valued in numerous rankings, just to mention AT Kearney Foreign Direct Investments Confidence Index, which ranked Poland 6th in the globe, an increase from 22nd place a year before. It is our 15 minutes and a perfect occasion to promote Poland as a reliable partner”- added Paweł Pytlarczyk, Consul at Trade and Investment Section, and one of the co-organizers of the event.

“Thanks to the visit in New York, Katowice has a chance to attract new, precious investors. We also established business relations with the representatives of outsourcing councils. I would like to organize an outsourcing conference in Katowice next year in cooperation with these institutions” – said Mateusz Skowroński.