Rawa exposed

On Wednesday, katowicethecity.com wrote about the work progress on the City Center redevelopment. Today, the construction crew of NDI exposed the „Rawa” river, which had been hidden under the concrete cover for years.

The uncovered section of the river is located between the „Korfantego 2” office building and „Bank Śląski”. The works are being conducted within the second stage of the Roundabout – Market Sq. revamp. The reconstruction of the river bed now enters the most spectacular phase. A new bed is almost done and now the existing bed, recently uncovered, will be linked with the new one. The prime contractor expects most likely to perform the „switch” by the end of July.

„Only then we will start to redevelop the existing river bed. Concrete prefabricated elements of the layer will be laid to replace the long-serving bed. Also we need to lay a new covering of the river as the former one was too devastated. It is expected to conclude the foremontioned works by the end of August” – said Wojciech Pałczyński, project manager of NDI, a prime contractor of the undertaking.

The river will still flow under the ground when the redevelopment is finished. Only an artificial brook and fountains will remind about the hidden river. „Rawa” flows through the Katowice agglomeration and much of its bed is located beneath the city’s infrastructure.