Rawa gets new bed, Śródmiejska underway

NDI is progressing with the second stage of the City Center redevelopment. Works are more and more advanced on the new „Rawa” river bed. Also, the development of new Śródmiejska St. takes shapes now.

The most interesting construction work is being conducted in front of the former „Silesia” hotel where the new bed of the „Rawa” river was designed. The new bed is being constructed just near the old one. At first, palisades of 8-meters deep pales were prepared and located in the ground on the both sides of the bed. Then, the river bottom was reinforced between the two palisades by lean concrete layer. Now 7-meters wide prefabricated concrete elements are being laid to construct the new bed. It will be covered by concrete beams at the final phase.

„We expect to connect the new bed with the former one by the end of July. The redevelopment of the old river bed – including the construction of a new layer and covering – will be commenced after that and is scheduled for delivery at the end of August. The new channel as well as the former one will be made of 134 prefabricated elements” – said Wojciech Pałczyński, project manager of NDI, a prime contractor of the undertaking.

Additionally, new surfaces and pavements are still being laid in front of the Silesian Theater and the Silesian Museum as well as close to the „Skarbek” merchant house and the „ING Bank Śląski” building. According to the architectural project of the City Center redevelopment’s second stage, the area will be mostly covered with trees, vertical plants along the extended part of Moniuszki St., fountains and retail units of modest size. The City Hall of Katowice, an investor of the undertaking, announced to plant over 160 trees within the stage.

Works are also underway east from the „Superjednostka” housing building where the new Śródmiejska St. is being erected. „Now we are preparing a palisade of steel elements to fortify the earth bank where reinforced concrete breast wall will be erected. We are going to remove the palisade when the wall is finished. Śródmiejska St. will be located between the walls below the ground level. The section of the street will reach even the depth of -7 meters at the lowest point situated close to the entrance from Chorzowska St. Then the road of Śródmiejska will be raising up gradually along „Superjednostka” – Wojciech Pałczyński explained.

Works have not yet been commenced on the Market Sq. (so called Flower Sq.) – the area between Młyńska 1 and the „Zenit” merchant house. „We are waiting to obtain a valid building permit what is expected to happen at the beginning of July” – Pałczyński added.