Record-breaking month in SCC

Only in July, Silesia City Center was visited by 1,46 million people. The number of visitors is 28% higher than in the same period last year and the highest since the Center’s opening in 2005.

The continued growth in number of shoppers is evident since the last quarter of 2011 and is connected with the extension of SCC delivered in October. About 4,2 million customers visited the mall in the fourth quarter last year. From the beginning of January to the first half of August, the Center was visited by 8,453 million people. The Immofinanz’s shopping complex attracts approximately 250-300 thousand clients every week.

“Summer sales, shopping before holidays and inhabitants of the region spending the vacation at home, make the number of buyers is growing. Additionally, we have 60 new retail units after the extension what attracts not only Polish customers but also those from the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia” – explaines Marta Drzewiecka, marketing director of Silesia City Center.

The management of SCC expects to have a good score in August as well.