Red cuboid will energize Mariacka Street

Last Monday was decided a premier award for the architectural design of a tenement’s redevelopment located at 10 Mariacka Street. Thirty seven architectural studios took part in the competition. The award went to Inco Architekci, a design studio seated in Gliwice.

According to the chosen project, very modern interiors will correspond to an ancient elevation which have to be preserved as the tenement is dated 1873. The interiors do not have a historical value and architects have been given carte blanche while designing. Inco Architekci proposed to build in the tenement’s interiors a red cuboid made of a reinforced concrete and covered by red-colored plates. The red block is created as a dominant stood out of the building’s roof level. A development of the cuboid will require a demolition of all interiors like inside walls and ceilings. After removing, the building’s construction will be fortified by steel structure. Then, the reinforced concrete construction of the cuboid, new walls and ceilings will be developed.

© Inco Architekci, phases of the building's redevelopment

The building will have five storeys including one under the ground destined for a pub and a cafe with terrace on the last floor. The red block is going to be entirely illuminated after a nightfall. The tenement will be equipped with moving stairways as well as lifts from the ground level. The building is predestined for cultural purposes. The architects want to mark out it by placing a “Katowice 2016” inscription on the cuboid. It has to remind about Katowice’s efforts for the European Capital of Culture title.

Construction works will start in 2011 and to be finished by the end of 2012. An estimated cost of the redevelopment is PLN 10 million.

© Inco Architekci, Mariacka 10