Refurbishment of Francuska 70

A refurbishment of building at 70 Francuska St. so called the “RMF FM” building was started in July this year. The works, which are currently coming to an end, included a change of elevation elements. Old window panes and dark slabs of elevation were replaced by new light-coloured and heat loss resistant elements.

The refurbishment works are conducted by Tech-Bud Sp. z o.o. and cost PLN 8,9 million. The City Hall of Katowice is an investor of the renewal.

The building at 70 Francuska St. was raised in 1965, has 15 storeys and is 68 meters high (73 m including a mast). It is a seat of City Hall’s departments and such companies as the “RMF FM” radio, Strabag and Allianz.