Reorganization of public transport

A date of construction works’ start of the Railway Station is coming. The construction site will cover the entire Szewczyka Square which is the public transport center for thousands of passengers traveling through Katowice every day. The Square will be closed for the duration of the construction works. Thereby, KZK GOP (the Municipal Transport Union of the Upper Silesian Industrial District) prepared various public transport solutions to minimize the inconveniences.

All timetables and routes of buses which service Szewczyka Sq. will be changed. Sixteen new bus stops will be prepared in the area of construction site. Most of the buses will finish its routes at Andrzeja and Wolności Squares. To inform passengers about changes a social campaign starts this summer. It includes, among others, citylight and radio adverts, infoline, and a webpage.

Kit of maps of suggested by-passes for drivers, timetables and routes of buses which will be changed for the duration of construction works (Polish version only) ==> Download >>>

Szewczyka Sq. - construction site