Return visit from Colorado

The Upper Silesia region and the state of Colorado will have a following chance to tighten cooperation between the two regions. After a Silesia-Colorado trade mission in 2009, W. E. Loopesko & Associates, Inc. (WELA) is organizing on behalf of the City of Katowice a follow-up meeting this year. Businesspersons and other community representatives, mostly from Colorado, will visit Katowice and the Agglomeration from September 12th to 18th.

Invited Colorado counterparts from the public and private sectors will meet with Polish representatives to catalyze economic, political and research opportunities between Colorado and Upper Silesia. Except official and group meetings, individualized appointments for delegation members with specific Silesian companies and institutions in their area of interest will be held.

One of main goals of the trade mission is to convince Participants of the attractiveness of Agglomeration as a good place to do business.

Windham Loopesko, President of WELA, talks about the mission: