Revita Park – new industrial and technology park in Katowice

The Optirem company is preparing to create a new industrial and technology park in the City. Named Revita Park, it will be located within the area of the former Baildon smelter at 9 Żelazna Street. The firm already issued a tender for design and revitalization works on three post-industrial buildings.

© Optirem; concept design of Revita Park
© Optirem; concept design of Revita Park

A chosen company or consortium will have to prepare an architectural concept, detailed design documentation and will revamp the buildings and surrounding areas. Interested subjects have one month to submit bids. The three facilities covering a total surface of 4 843 sq. meters will be adapted for laboratories, offices, conference and training rooms as well as for warehouses.

In the past, the “A” building was a pipe manufacturing hall 12-meters high. After the revamp, a warehouse and a laboratory will be located inside. The “B” two-storey facility had been raised in 1957 and was a carpentry shop. Now, it will be used as a training and conference area with a catering room, laboratories and offices. The last “C” building was delivered in 1942 and is designed for offices, training and conference spaces.

Revita Park will operate as a platform where scientists and entrepreneurs can share knowledge and experiences. “Mostly it will be a place for building companies, architectural studios, engineers and all subjects involved in innovation and technology matters concerning revitalization and remediation activities. Research works on groundwater, classification of waste materials, quality of water and land will be conducted in the modernly equipped laboratories” – explains Anna Rozmus-Żylińska, project manager of Revita Park.

Companies operating within the Park’s infrastructure will be able to rent office and conference spaces or take advantage of, among others, legal, financial and marketing consultation. It is expected to create about 200 new workplaces.

The design and revitalization works are to be concluded by the end of August 2013. Then, Optirem will have to provide the buildings with furnitures and the laboratories with necessary equipment. An official opening of Revita Park is scheduled by the end of the first quarter of 2014. A total cost of the undertaking amounts to almost PLN 26 million. The project is co-financed by the European Union’s funds. The grant exceeds PLN 8,2 million. More about the project is available at (only Polish language version).

Optirem is connected with the company of Maximum Nieruchomości (former Opal) operating in the commercial real estate market, mostly in the Upper Silesian agglomeration. Maximum also owns several other plots and post-industrial buildings in the area of the Baildon smelter.