Roads delivered in cultural district

On Wednesday, the City Hall of Katowice officially delivered a new road network and additional infrastructure located in the so called cultural district. The total cost of the works amounts to PLN 104 million. It was the first phase of the undertaking.

The opening took place with the attendance of the Silesian Automobile Club and the Katowice mayor, Piotr Uszok. The new roads network is 2,19 kilometers long and was essential to connect the three most important facilities in the area – the Silesian Museum’s and the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra’s new seats as well as the International Convention Center (ICC).

The undertaking has been conducted from 2nd of June 2011 to 29th of May 2014. Following infrastructure was created within the works: three new streets (Dobrowolskiego, extension of Nadgórników and redevelopment of Olimpijska), 143 parking places and bike paths (PLN 63,9 million). The detailed project was prepared by „Mosty Katowice” and the construction work was executed by Budimex.

„Today we open not only the new roads, but we also deliver a completely new infrastructure of this area. We would like to start the second phase of the project – the extension of the road layout – in 2015 or 2016 depending on the budget” – Piotr Uszok said.

Moreover, additional works were conducted to create the new roads layout, including: a storm water drain (PLN 17,6 million), redevelopment of existing 110 kV power line (PLN 13,2 million), ground car park for over one thousand vehicles (PLN 9,6 million) and a foot and bike bridge over Olimpijska St., which will link the PNRSO’s new seat to the ICC (PLN  12,5 million).