Route of Modernism grant-aided

A project of Modernism Route including the best examples of modernist architecture worth seeing in Katowice will be co-financed by the European Union. A total amount of the e-promotion project is estimated at PLN 0,9 million. The Route will embrace 16 buildings in the downtown of the City. Thanks to the grant, electronic information stands will be bought and located near the enlisted buildings. Additionally audio guides, webpage and promotional materials will be delivered for tourists needs.

  • The project of Modernism Route will be about 5,5km long and will include:
    – building at 13 Dworcowa St.
    – “Dom Oświatowy” at 12 Francuska St.
    – “Dom Profesorów Śląskich Technicznych Zakładów Naukowych” at 23 Wojewódzka St.
    – dwelling house at 24 Dąbrowskiego St.
    – building of the Silesian Seym and the Silesian Voivodeship Office at 25 Jagiellońska St.
    – “Gmach Urzędów Niezespolonych” at 1 Sejmu Śląskiego Sq.
    – dwelling house at 3 Podchorążych St.
    – villa at 4 Bratków St.
    – villa at 65 Kościuszki St.
    – villa of Tadeusz Michejda at 19 Poniatowskiego St.
    – villa at 46 Kilińskiego St.
    – dwelling house at 6 PCK St.
    – dwelling house at 10 PCK St.
    – “Skyscraper” at 15/17 Żwirki i Wigury St.
    – Garrison Church of St. Casimir at 20 Skłodowskiej-Curie St.
    – Bank of National Economy at 3 Mickiewicza St.

Most of enlisted buildings of the modernist architecture were erected during Poland’s twenty years of independence after the First World War. As one of the country’s main centers of an increased building movement Katowice became the City where the innovatory architectural ideas were used on a big scale, as for example a southern part of the downtown with the “Skyscraper”. Katowice, is one of the only two cities in Poland (Gdynia being the other one) where modernist structures were erected on the such large scale.