Ściegiennego St.

According to the City’s Study of Conditions and Directions of Spatial Development the subjected plot is designated for residential development up to 12 storeys with possible retail services. A total area of apartments may cover 3 000 sq. meters. An access to all kind of utilities including power, gas, etc. is available. The plot is undeveloped.

An owner of the plot prepared a development offer including an architectural project and building permit for an 8-storey building with apartments from 24 to 43 sq. meters covering 2 000 sq. meters of usable area in total.

The plot is located on Ściegiennego St. nearby the Silesia City Center shopping mall, the Oak Terraces and the Katowice Business Point office building. It is directly communicated with the “DTŚ” expressway, situated a 5-minutes’ drive from the Roundabout and 15-minutes’ walk from the Voivodeship Park of Culture and Recreation in Chorzów.

902 sq. meters

For sale

PLN 1 600 000 net

Sales Agent:
Tracor (the company is an owner of the plot)
Phone: +48 503 980 136


  1. The price is way, way, way to high. The one that set it on this level have no idea of the market. Way to high for decent plot, and what we got here is rubbish. Squeezed in between busy street, parking lot and a commieblock (and it’s lodgers will for sure protest). Absurd!

  2. The building is unpretentious and simple, the flats should be cheap. In my opinion low cost projects are better than deceptively high -end and high-quality deluxe housing that nobody wants to buy as it’s simply too expensive, especially in Katowice. Few people here can afford an overpriced “luxury” and so newly built flats lie empty

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