Second attempt to choose concessioner for ICC and Spodek

The City Hall of Katowice issued a public invitation for companies which are willing to manage the International Convention Center (ICC) and the “Spodek” sport and exhibition hall. This is the second attempt to choose the managing firm.

Previously, two companies have been competing to win the contract. These were Arena Management and SMG Polska. However, the former procedure was canceled due to proceedings mistakes.

Now, the City will try to pick the manager once again. The competitors can apply to participate in the procedure by 8th of April 2013. The applying firms will have to fulfill several terms of reference to be granted a concession for managing the two buildings.

Tendering companies must show an experience in managing at least one sport and entertainment hall for 6 000 spectators and at least one convention center covering 10 000 sq. meters or holding 8 000 seats. Additionally, an experience in organizing at least 100 events (excluding sport events) which gathered at least 1 000 spectators is essential.

From amongst all competitors, the City Hall will invite companies – which fulfill the terms of reference – to negotiate terms of the concession.

A chosen firm will be granted the concession for management services for a period not shorter than 8 years and not exceeding 15 years with having rights to profits during that time. The company will be obliged to the property management and commercial activities. These are involving technical issues and administration of the buildings as well as marketing strategy, brand creation across Poland and abroad, events planning and organization, winning exhibitors, sponsors and advertisements.

An estimated value of the concession exceeds net PLN 200 million.