Shell completed, outfitting underway

Budimex has concluded works on the building shell of the new Silesian Museum’s seat and is now conducting advanced outfitting works.

Works on the new seat of Silesian Museum

The roof of the underground facility is soon to be covered up with a special trottoir. Then, only six glass boxes and an administration office building will be seen above the ground. Glass slabs of the boxes providing daylight for the interiors started being installed. Outfitting works are underway at all levels of the 36 000 sq. meters underground interiors.

Grzegorz Tymich, contract director at Budimex, reported on Tuesday that the whole building is now 75% completed. According to the contract, works on the new venue are to be concluded by 7th of March 2013. However, as the construction is delayed due to unexpected additional works that had to be done at the site by Budimex, the new unofficial date of the building’s delivery is set for 3rd of May 2013.

The grand opening is planned for September 2013.