Shots of Fracuska Office Center

Everyone who had attended a presentation of Francuska Office Center could see the complex’s interiors and listen a few words about the investment. The presentation was guided by Karol Klin, Commercial Director of GTC.

“Francuska Office Center was designed by the APA Wojciechowski architectural studio and the Katowice-based Stabil studio. The general outline of the building is based on a rectangular shape with small bends. Francuska Office Center comprises two A-class office buildings of a total area of 21 500 sq. m. The first of these buildings will be put into commission in July 2010. We have changed the date from May because of Nordea Bank which will be fitting-out its space for following weeks. We negotiate lease agreements with prospective tenants as well. A delivery date of the “B” building will depend on companies interest.” – he added.

“The area of a typical floor in “A” and “B” buildings totals 1 879 sq. m and 1 783 sq. m respectively. With the smallest possible rental area amounting to 80 sq. m., the offices by GTC are available for both large and small organizations. One of the strong sides of the complex is the possibility of flexible arrangement of the area of its floors. It can be occupied by one or several tenants, in an open space layout or a cabinet layout. A rental price varies depending on a volume of leased space” – Karol Klin finished.

Francuska Office Center, main entrance of "A" building