Silesia Towers is preparing to start

The project of Silesia Towers arouses emotion since the concept came into the day-light. Partly because of the scale of the investment (approx. 75 000 sq m rentable area) and because of the design prepared by APAKA Studio owned by Stefan Kuryłowicz. But until now, the project hasn’t entered the pipeline. asked Krzysztof Jamroziewicz, the Project Manager, about the reason. – We have obtained all the necessary administrative proceedings including the building permit, the opinion of the Silesian University of Technology about the construction matters and we have already chosen some of the companies which will be involved in the building construction – he says. – Present market situation is giving a great chance to decrease a cost of construction works, so we do all our best to start in the first half of 2009. The main objective right now is to gain bank funds or a cooperative investor which would be like to share the costs of the building process. The white, smaller Tower is 40% pre-leased and it is a good value during the financial negotiations with potential investors, both bank and companies. We expect there will be an intense discussion of these issues during the next weeks – says Jamroziewicz.
The developer is planning to rise the smaller Tower at the first stage. The construction of the second, 136-metres Tower will be depending on the market demand.