Silesian Philharmonic waits for supplementary building permit

Mostostal Warszawa, a prime contractor of Silesian Philharmonic’s extension, concluded a raw state of the new part of the seat in late September. To commence following works a supplementary building permit has to be obtained.

The decision is necessary to conduct additional reinforcements of the construction of the existing Philharmonic’s building. In July the new design was submitted to the Silesian Voivodeship Monument Conservator, in order to change some details in the conservatory permit. Next month the Conservator had changed the permit, then the Silesian Philharmonic filed a request for a change of the building permit in the City Hall of Katowice. The prime contractor is now waiting for the valid permit to re-launch the following construction work.

Meanwhile, 100% of the central heating’s vertical sections and the rain and under-floor sewerage on the extension’s ground floor were completed. The prime contractor also finished works on the reinforced concrete walls and ceiling of the garage. Insulating of the roof was commenced.