Skanska’s predictions for 2010

Recently a new architectural design of the Silesia Business Park project was presented. Skanska has obtained a building permit for the first two buildings of the complex. Following building permit for the last two is under administrative procedure. It should seem that only thing left is to launch construction works. CiJ Journal interviewed Nicklas Lindberg, Managing Director at Skanska Property Poland, who was telling about the company’s plans and predictions for 2010 in general. The interview do not mention the SBP project but can give a few answers about Skanska’s policy and attitude for future developments.

Do you expect to begin construction this year on a project? Will you complete anything?

Deloitte House in Warsaw and Grunwaldzki Center in Wrocław were completed last year. Our target for the new year is to start three projects, which will be located in the capital city and regional cities of Poland.

What would it take for you to start moving ahead on projects?

We depend on our own finances, so we do not need external financing. We start the project if we believe that our product meets the expectations of the market. Location is always a key factor. In a few cases, we will start the projects on speculative basis, but generally we need preleases of approximately 20 to 30 percent.

Are you actively looking for land and/or projects at the moment?

Yes, we always look for prime locations in Warsaw and regional cities. […]

How would you describe your strategy for 2010?

We will start new projects, acquire more land and continue to develop sustainable projects. We want to continue breating higher quality work environments. Our ambition is to get green certifications, such as GreenBuilding and LEED, for all our future projects.