Skanska will go green in Katowice

Skanska works intensively in recent years to develop various global solutions, methods and pilot projects to create buildings that are energy-efficient and have low environmental impact. The new unit for green business set up last year and called Skanska Green Business is responsible for implementation of green solutions and agreements to the company’s present and future properties. All new projects in Poland, including Silesia Business Park, will also include the business model for green construction.

“Increasing the pace of, spreading and commercializing green construction globally is currently the highest priority at Skanska. The company realizes that green construction is becoming a mature product. The technology and competence required to construct energy-efficient and environmentally correct projects on a large scale is now available and it also makes for economically viable business. Accordingly, now is the time to act.” – Johan Karlström, President and CEO of Skanska, said in one of the company’s press statements.

Silesia Business Park will be the first green office property in Katowice which takes into account environmental concerns and fulfills the certification requirements of the international environmental certification system LEED (the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). It is internationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. Based on 6 criteria, the LEED certificate is awarded to building structures that stand out from the mainstream, for environmentally responsible construction processes.

Green offices of the Park will also be proved by the alternate certificate – GreenBuilding. It is a programme initiated by the European Commission, which companies may join voluntarily. The GreenBuilding certificate is awarded to commercial developments which incorporate planned energy use that is 25% lower than national standards. Applied solutions for green developments do not cause construction costs rising.

Skanska Green Business was established to enhance the green offering for Skanska’s customers. This may include solutions and agreements regarding continuous upgrades to ensure that a property remains as energy efficient as possible, even years after it was constructed or renovated.

The green project of Silesia Business Park will consist of four office buildings located along Chorzowska Street. It will comprise approx. 46 000 square meters of leasable space in total. The Park is designed to bring energy savings, including heating, ventilation and lighting of the office space. It is a business place for companies wanted to create an added value of its image as a modern and environmental friendly. The Park also meets the needs of companies which are looking for cost-efficient office spaces.

Numbers of Silesia Business Park and technical specification:

  • – Total leasable area of all buildings (net): approx. 46 000 sq.m
    – Office area of one building (net): 10 670 sq.m
    – Typical floor area (net): 970 sq.m
    – Retail area of one building (net): 885 sq.m
    – Number of places in the underground garage: approx. 510
    – Number of outdoor parking places: approx. 90
    – Carrying capacity of floor slabs:
    • offices from 3,5 kN/sq.m – possibility of additional reinforcement up to 10 kN/sq.m
    • roof – 10 kN/sq.m
    – Elevators: 5 in each building – 3 elevators for 13 people and 2 elevators for 24 people
    – Available elevator access-codes to selected floors
    – Air conditioning, ventilation and heating:
    • air conditioning system based on 4-pipe fan-coils
    • individual temperature and air supply control
    • humidity control
    • possibility to equip the server room with separate cooling system
    • ceiling mounted air diffusers
    – Two independent power supplies
    – Monitored access system, 24-hour security and monitoring (CCTV)
    – Modern building management system (BMS)
    – Raised floors 100 mm
    – Suspended ceilings with integrated lighting
    – Office open spaces that offer full flexibility of planning and interior design 1,2 m planning module
    – Modern telecommunications system

Contact details for interested companies:
Marek Stasieńko
Senior Leasing Negotiatior
Skanska Property Poland
mobile: +48 797 019 914
e-mail: [email protected]

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