Station prepares to development

A rebuild of Szewczyka Sq. and development of the new Railway Station is approaching. A final closing of the Square for passengers, citizens, traffic is planned for 15th of August. A temporary station will be opened at the same time. A social media campaign which will inform about changes in the area, closed roads, new routes and timetables for buses is planned to start in mid-July.

As a matter of fact, preparatory works including geological works already launched at Szewczyka Sq. Moreover, the tunnel under the platform number 4 is under renovation since last months. It will allow to service passengers during the construction works and will connect the platforms with the temporary station and two entrances at Młodzieży Powstańczej Sq. and Konopnickiej St. All passengers’ services will be moved to the south side of the Station’s building.

The set of photos seen below presents works progress in the tunnel under the platform number 4 where walls and floor surfaces are cleaned, new lights and ventilation system will be installed.