Summary of European Economic Congress 2012

“Our goal is to make the European Economic Congress (EEC) in Katowice the biggest, the most important and opinion forming economic event in Central Europe” – Wojciech Kuśpik, EEC initiator and President of PTWP SA Group, said during a press conference on Wednesday. The organizer of the Congress presented conclusions from survey conducted amongst participants of this year’s edition.

“We asked a research institute for professional help. We did it to obtain broad knowledge about the event and to start works on the fifth European Economic Congress in Katowice on this basis” – Kuśpik said.

The survey results show that almost 90 % of attendants, speakers and partners are satisfied with participation in the fourth European Economic Congress, which was held between 14th and 16th of May. Respondents appreciated mainly the Congress atmosphere, scope of topics and selection of experts. Consequently, majority of them (over 90%) declare their willingness to take part in the event in 2013.

From participants’ point of view, the event’s weakness is insufficient time for discussion with panelists during the Congress.

One quarter of the European Economic Congress 2012 participants are Silesian. Undoubted majority are guests from various Polish cities and numerous foreigners. With reference to spending time after thematic sessions over 70% of respondents declared their willingness to participate in accompanying events organized by the Congress organizers as well as by the EEC partners.

The fact that the EEC 2012 was held in Katowice was appreciated by Katowice inhabitants. 74% of them knew that the Congress took place on 14th – 16th of May. Almost 90% wants the EEC to be organized in Katowice next year.

Over six thousand guests and 900 speakers took part in 100 European Economic Congress sessions. A total worth of the event’s advertising campaign amounts to PLN 5 million. Number of publications in the Polish and foreign media (excluding the advertisements) totaled 4 000. The Advertising Value Equivalents – that calculate what the equivalent amount of space, if paid for as advertising, would cost – is estimates at about PLN 25 million.

The organizer of the European Economic Congress is PTWP SA Group, a publisher of economic magazines and portals, co-organizers are: Silesian Voivodeship, Upper Silesian Metropolitan Union and the City of Katowice.

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