Summing up of the European Economic Congress

PTWP Group SA, an organizer of the European Economic Congress (EEC), published findings of a survey inquired among citizens of Katowice and participants of the this year’s event. About 90 percent of them support the organization of the EEC in Katowice and want the event to take place in the City in the years to come.

Number of publications (excluding advertisements) in the media (press, radio, TV, Internet) showing Katowice, the region and Poland as the place where the Congress is being held, exceeded 3 000. Advertising Value Equivalents – which calculate what the equivalent amount of space, if paid for as advertising, would cost – amounts PLN 15 million. Approximately 200 publications were released in the foreign media of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia. The Advertising Value Equivalents for the foreign media reached PLN 1 million.

“I signalize the Advertising Value Equivalents were measured using a 1:1 scale. We have to remember that articles, interviews, TV and radio programmes are much more effective and have a higher value than advertisements. So, the real value of the Equivalents has to be tripled at least. Then, the amount is almost PLN 50 million” – said Wojciech Kuśpik, initiator of the EEC and Chairman of the PTWP Group SA.

According to the survey conducted by the BCMM market research company, almost 90 percent of guests of the EEC 2011 were satisfied and plan to attend the next year’s edition. Approximately 84% of surveyed residents point that the promotion of the City across the country and abroad was the biggest advantage of the Congress.

The 3rd European Economic Congress was held between 16th and 18th of May 2011 in Katowice. It gathered four prime ministers of Central European countries, 6 000 guests, 900 panelists, 500 media representatives, 150 volunteers from Polish and foreign universities, 100 security men, tens of subcontractors – together about 3 000 people was involved in organizing the event.

The 4th European Economic Congress will take place in Katowice in May 2012.