Szewczyka Sq. deserted, preparatory works start

On Saturday, 4th of December, public transportation was eliminated from Szewczyka Sq. and the bus stops were moved to other locations in the City Center including Market, Wolności and Andrzeja Squares. Today, workers started fencing part of Szewczyka Sq. and are preparing to demolish the overpass. First construction machinery appeared at the site.

The overpass is already closed as well as the main hall of the Railway Station. Passengers are able to get to platforms only from the temporary station – entrances are situated at Młodzieży Powstańczej Sq. and Konopnickiej St. Vehicles traffic is still possible along Dworcowa St. in both directions.

At the same time, construction works are in progress at the platform number 1. The company of Transkol is responsible for the redevelopment. Cost of works are estimated at PLN 11 million and are scheduled to be finished within next few weeks.