Szewczyka Square after 365 days of works

One year has passed since a construction work on the integrated transportation, retail and business center at Szewczyka Sq. had commenced. Nowadays, the works are entering a next stage – the construction operation are being carried out on the ground level of Galeria Katowicka.

Although some of the works are moving over the ground, the construction crews of Strabag – a prime contractor of the project – still lay a foundation slab on the plot destined for the future new Railway Station and the shopping mall. At the same time the development process of poles and ceilings of the complex’s underground levels, including an underground bus station and car parks for 1 200 vehicles, are proceeding. Additionally, first works on partition walls and fittings (pipes of sewerage system) were already commenced in the underground levels of the car park.

Prototype examples of the cup-shaped pillars, the most characteristic elements of the former Station’s hall, are currently created at the construction site. The construction of the car park’s entrance ramp on Słowackiego St. began lately as well.

  • The builders resumed in numbers the first year of the construction work:
    – 26 000 heavy lorries transported 366 000 cubic meters of soil from the excavation,
    – 6 of 9 planned tower cranes operate currently at the construction site,
    – 15 000 cubic meters of concrete were used to construct a 900-meters long diaphragm wall,
    – 40 000 cubic meters of concrete were already used for the construction works,
    – more than 4 300 tons of structural steel were needed to build a 0,5 kilometer of reinforced concrete walls, 432 poles, the diaphragm wall and its 263 pillars.

On Friday, the Neinver company, an investor of the multifunctional complex, invited a group of students from the Kraków University of Technology’s Civil Engineering Faculty who had a chance to visit the construction site and learn about the construction progress and organization of works.