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Last cup-shaped pillar fell

January 11, 2011 Katowice the City 0

The Trans-Ziem company needed 21 days to demolish 16 cup-shaped pillars forming the building structure of the Railway Station’s main hall. The demolition works of the pillars had started on 22nd of December last year, and finished today, on 11th of January just in the early afternoon when the last pillar was knocked down.

Now, the building’s remains have to be taken to pieces and Trans-Ziem will be able to start a demolishment of hall’s foundations.

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Tearing down Railway Station

December 23, 2010 Katowice the City 0

Yesterday, on 22nd of December, deconstruction works on the Railway Station’s main hall started. It will take several weeks to take the building to pieces. The demolition works are conducting by Trans-Ziem. Today, workers tore down a first pillar of the main hall. In February 2011, construction works of the transportation hub, the new Railway Station and Galeria Katowicka will be launched by Strabag, the prime contractor of the investment.

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Route of Modernism grant-aided

July 26, 2010 Katowice the City 0

A project of Modernism Route including the best examples of modernist architecture worth seeing in Katowice will be co-financed by the European Union. A total amount of the e-promotion project is estimated at PLN 0,9 million. The Route will embrace 16 buildings in the downtown of the City. Thanks to the grant, electronic information stands will be bought and located near the enlisted buildings.

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Bankowa Street for students

June 29, 2010 Katowice the City 0

Students of the University of Silesia will have a new public space for its disposal. A 100 meters long part of Bankowa Street was closed today for a car traffic and is going to be redeveloped into a public square. Bankowa is located in the area of the University’s buildings. This part of the City is designed for a campus in the future.

Parking places and architectural barriers will be removed, the square was designed to be pedestrian-friendly.