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PKP leaves no doubts

September 14, 2010 Katowice the City 0

Protests against demolition of the Railway Station’s building will not stop plans of the investors – was stated today in a press release of PKP (Polish State Railways). A year ago PKP and Neinver Polska revealed the main building of the Station has to be demolished because of the poor condition of the cup-shaped pillar system structure. The companies want to demolish

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Neinver plans to demolish cup-shaped pillars, though…

August 24, 2009 Katowice the City 0

…But will reconstruct them afterwards. The company revealed yesterday that poor condition of reinforcements unable to preserve the sixteen pillars system supporting the roof of Railway Station. Neinver quotes the Silesian University of Technology and its expertise, which claims the pillars reinforcements corroded and corrosion-fatigue will be follow. It unables to adapt the construction of the pillars to the future development of new station.