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Ligota Park’s photo story

September 19, 2009 Katowice the City 0

The following photo story presents a finished first stage of Ligota Park. The Ligota Park’s architecture was designed by Wojciech Wojciechowski which is known for the project of Jupiter Plaza. In the mind of architect, the housing estate is reffering to the district development created in the 1930’s when Ligota was a garden city and peaceful place to live.

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The first stage of Ligota Park completed

August 30, 2009 Katowice the City 0

Atal Group finished a first stage of Ligota Park. This housing estate, localised on Rolna St. at the border between two district of Ligota and Brynów, will deliver 416 apartments in 8 five-storey buildings with underground car park. The developer offer includes apartments with area from 50 to 200 sq. m. Customers can also choose among one-floor apartments and maisonettes. The construction and finishing works of the 4 buildings in the first stage took 27 months.

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Atal Group is finishing a first stage of Ligota Park

March 15, 2009 Katowice the City 1

The Ligota Park housing estate is localised on Rolna Street between Ligota and Brynów districts. The area is characterised by low-rise buildings. In the 1930’s, Ligota was created as a garden city, out of modern and busy environment of the City Center – an ideal place to live. The same idea is adapted to the project by Wojciech Wojciechowski, the architect of Ligota Park.