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New Katowice mayor elected

December 1, 2014 Katowice the City 0

On Sunday, 30th of November, second round of local elections was held in almost nine hundred Polish constituencies, including Katowice. Marcin Krupa, a current deputy mayor of Katowice, was elected to be the new mayor of the City. The existing mayor, Piotr Uszok, did not stand for the re-election.

Piotr Uszok announced his decision in the middle of September. He resigned after 16 years as the mayor. „It is time to hand over the position …

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Katowice investments by Piotr Uszok

October 20, 2011 Katowice the City 0

Piotr Uszok, the mayor of Katowice, talks to on a real estate market’s mood, the “cultural district”, present and future investments. The full conversation is available below.

At the beginning of October, the City of Katowice took part in the Expo Real fair in Munich. What is the mood on the real estate market at the moment?

Nowadays, we deal with a waiting attitude with no doubts.

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Piotr Uszok: Present investments as absolute priority

March 9, 2011 Katowice the City 0

Piotr Uszok, the mayor of Katowice, told to about the City’s intention and plans for the future. The mayor referred to priorities of the City, IBM recommendations, new strategy of promotion and investments. The full conversation is available below. As we already know, the City of Katowice implements recommendations of IBM managers prepared within …

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2011 to be crucial for investments in Katowice

February 2, 2011 Katowice the City 0

The year 2011 seems to be crucial for the City in the area of investments planned in Katowice for the years to come. Most of scheduled works will kick off this year and its total amount exceeds PLN 1 billion. During a today’s press conference, the Mayor of Katowice Piotr Uszok, presented the range of City Hall’s activity in the investments’ area.

The most important and the biggest investments are planned near the “Spodek” sport and exhibition hall in the area of former “Katowice” coal mine.

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Piotr Uszok: Public investments are key

March 3, 2009 Katowice the City 0

Piotr Uszok: In my opinion, public investments should be a driving force for any city’s development. They should result in an added value, which is attracting commercial investments and ultimately causing an improvement in the quality of life in the city. Quality of life must always come first.