TDJ Estate purchased properties in culture district

On Tuesday, the court enforcement officer to the District Court „Katowice-Wschód” auctioned over 5 hectares of land located in the culture district. The highest price was offered by TDJ Estate. The winning bid almost doubled the initial price after a hard-fought bidding.

The oral auction took place in the Monopol Hotel and gathered four bidders – one private person (Marcin Dutkowski) and three companies: Maksimum, Invest TDJ Estate and Kopalniana (represented by Krzysztof Gaczorek from KG Group). All four bidders had paid a PLN 1,35 million deposit and took an active part in the auction.

The opening totaled PLN 10,13 million (three quarters of the estimated value – PLN 13,51 million). According to the rules of the auction, the participants were allowed to offer any price higher than the latest bid. After 26 minutes of battle and 97 bid increments, the winning bid was finally auctioned by TDJ Estate. The company purchased the land for PLN 20 million.

The property consists of three undeveloped plots covering the total area of 50 353 sq. meters. It is located in the area of Ordona, Górna, Nadgórników and Dobrowolskiego streets, north from the new seat of the Silesian Museum.

The new onwer invests in industrial and commercial real estate, office and agricultural properties, as well as in lands intended for development. TDJ Estate is part of TDJ S.A., which is active on several markets including: power, casting and mining industries, real estate, infrastructural construction and engineering. The group employs over five thousand people. PLN 1,65 billion is the capitalization of the TDJ companies.

The Tuesday sale was another auction of Eurostar Real Estate properties conducted by the court enforcement officer. Two other properties of the company located on Wojewódzka and Dworcowa streets were sold within the last ten months.

© City Hall of Katowice; properties purchased by TDJ Estate
© City Hall of Katowice; properties purchased by TDJ Estate