Third stage of Oak Terraces on starting blocks

Immofinanz Group is starting the third stage of Oak Terraces („Dębowe Tarasy”), a housing estate scheme located on Johna Baildona St. next to the Silesia City Center shopping complex. The undertaking will be officially launched in the course of a few next days.

© Immofinanz Group; stages of the Oak Terraces housing estate
© Immofinanz Group; stages of the Oak Terraces housing estate

Oak Terraces consist of four equal phases, amounting to approximately one thousand apartments in total. The first two project phases (two 11-storey and four 4-storey buildings) have been developed in the recent years in a joint-venture with TriGranit – all 510 apartments have been sold. Janusz Olesiński, a project director of the Oak Terraces project, tells us more about the third stage (one 11-storey and two 5-storey buildings) of the undertaking.

When Immofinanz is going to inaugurate the project?
We are going to lay the cornerstone on 6th of June. A special ceremony is planned for that day. At the same time we want to choose a prime contractor of the third stage and announce the name of the company.

Did you make any changes in the third stage in comparison to the last two phases?
The project of Oak Terraces was prepared in 2006. During the six years a lot of things have been changed. A credit capacity of people is much lower, so they buy smaller apartments now. Additionally, they prefer a different type of housing units. Previously, they preferred a living room with an open kitchen but the trend has changed – a separate kitchen is more preferred now. We have designed the present project to enable the inhabitants to choose between the open or separate kitchens. They will also decide about a number of rooms in the apartment.

Also the architecture has changed.
Yes, the elevation is slightly different. Moreover, the previously developed four lower buildings are 4-storeyed. We currently decide to erect two 5-storey premises within the third stage. It would make possible for us to build seven lower buildings in total [one 5-storey facility within the fourth stage], not eight as it was originally designed. When will the last three lower facilities be one-storey higher than the existing four, we still deliver the same number of apartments’ square area in the issue. The empty plot would be destined for an activity and leisure space opened for the Oak Terraces inhabitants. However, the final decision about the last building has not yet been made.