Three projects become clearer

Together with a February public opinion poll which concerned citizens’ preferences for an appearance of the future Katowice’s downtown, more projects’ details were presented. According to the designers the most important foundation of the City Center redevelopment which combines all the three proposed concepts, is a wish to execute a significant transformation of the Center’s public space. It has to be the place, where citizens enjoy theirs time, both during large open-air performances and moments spend here by day, or during evening-meetings. All ideas postulate an improvement of the Center including new elements and present Korfantego Avenue, which will become distinguishing features of this space.

Korfantego Avenue will be still a dual street with two traffic lanes in every direction. However, it will be more friendly for pedestrians thanks to new sidewalks and bicycle paths. Looking west from the Avenue, the “Pasaż Korfantego” will be created – it is a space for pedestrians with public squares, fountains and numerous greenery.

Following friendly destination for citizens would be the “Rawa” river which is currently hidden under the ground. The river is exposed and made visible for passers-by in the two of three concepts. Moreover, the designers found to create the “Bulwary Rawy” (Rawa Boulevards) in the section from Bankowa St. to the Market Square.

It is proposed to create new retail and commercial facilities which would be localized on ground floors of existing and future buildings along Korfantego Avenue and the Northern row of the Market Square.

Planned changes cause the necessity of the road and tram system modification. Inhabitants will be encouraged to visit the City Center by bus or tram. The bus stops on Korfantego Avenue will be transferred closer to the Roundabout.

A new road, Śródmiejska St., will be developed. Moniuszki St. will be extended – the street’s width depends on a concept. Due to a new tramway on Świętego Jana St., a traffic lane for cars will be closed. An underground car park for 200 vehicles and a new building (MOW) are planned between “Zenit” and “Dom Prasy” buildings. Following underground car park for 400 places would be created under the Northern part of the Market Square.

All the concepts postulate to demolish three buildings along Korfantego Avenue: “Pałac Ślubów”, „Michalik” and “BWA” art gallery.

Presented proposals are based on the town-planning idea prepared by Tomasz Konior in 2006. The three concepts implement technical, legal and economic possibilities of the realization as well as public opinions. The Polish-Spanish consortium of design studios – Redan Sp. z o.o. is a leader – is responsible for the project.

I concept

II concept

III concept