Transformation of Dom Prasy

The former Press House (“Dom Prasy”) situated at the Market Square is currently revamped into an administrative-office building of the City Hall. A construction work conducted by Mostostal Warszawa is to be finished in the turn of Q3 and Q4 2012. However, workers have already started to install a glassy elevation with aluminium frames.

Before, the former elevation was dismantled and the building structure was strengthened. The southern part of the elevation is almost done now as well as the west back-yard facade. A simple front facade is to be improved by a City emblem set up on black slabs. Far more is to be done inside the building where the interior is to be newly arranged. The facility will be equipped with the Building Management System, access control, CCTV. All installations will be removed and replaced by new ones.

After the redevelopment, the building will be occupied by City Hall’s departments, a community service center is to be located on the ground floor. The facility will cover about 5 200 sq. meters. A total cost of the investment exceeds PLN 17,5 million. The building is located at 1 Młyńska St.