Two universities libraries move to SICAL

Two libraries of the University of Silesia and the University of Economics in Katowice are moving its thousands of volumes of publications into a new shared seat – the Scientific Information Center and Academic Library (SICAL). The grand opening of the facility is planned together with the start of new academic year 2012/2013.

Scripts, coursebooks, books, newspapers and magazines as well as electronic sources of information, such as databases or e-magazines of the region’s two largest academic libraries have to be moved, registered and made available for users at the beginning of October.

The building had been commissioned a one year ago in July, however later on it had to be equipped with furnitures and computer hardwares. Additionally, authorities of the SICAL have been also waiting for student holidays to begin and to start the removal. Moving to the new library has been commenced in late June. Employees of the two academic libraries have to move approximately 800 000 volumes of publications.

The goal of the project is the construction and opening of a modern scientific library which will meet 21st century standards. Users of the new facility will be able to find publications within hand reach thanks to unrestricted access to most collections and borrow them by modern systems for unaided book borrowing and return.

The Scientific Information Center and Academic Library will be a so-called hybrid library, which means that all types of documents will be made available at the same time, regardless of the type of data carrier and adjusted to the needs of special groups of users (e.g. the disabled) – all this will be possible thanks to provision of modern tools requisite in order to penetrate Polish and foreign scientific literature.

A total value of creating the SICAL amounts to PLN 79,45 million and is co-financed by the European Union.