Katowice School of Technology expands

The Katowice School of Technology will be expanded. A seat of the School located at 43 Rolna St. in the Ligota district is going to be improved by a new facility connecting two existing buildings. Moreover, a one additional floor will be added for these two buildings which are also planned to be refurbished and newly equipped. Necessary preparatory and demolition works have already started.

A project of the redevelopment was designed by the Atelier PS architectural studio. The extension’s cost is estimated at PLN 24 262 000. Almost PLN 20 million is granted within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund. “Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Ogólnego i Usług Technicznych ‘Śląsk’ sp. z o.o.” was chosen as a prime contractor of the investment. Construction works are to be finished in 2011.

The Katowice School of Technology was founded in 2003 by Arkadiusz Hołda. As a private school offers bachelor and master studies on several fields as an architecture and town planning, civil engineering, interior design.

© Atelier PS; Katowice School of Technology, front view