Underground bus station

Within the framework of the Railway Station and Szewczyka Square redevelopment, an underground bus terminal will be constructed as a part of the multifunctional building complex. All the buildings will form an integrated whole, combining retail, office and transportation functions raised by Neinver Polska in cooperation with Meyer Bergman and Polish State Railways S.A.

The new underground bus station is about to be located under the Railway Station’s main hall at the -1 level. A part of Dworcowa Street which runs through Szewczyka Sq. will also be hidden under the ground creating a tunnel. In order to ensure a smooth bus traffic flow, two entries to the station have been planned, one in Słowackiego Street and the other in Pocztowa Street.

The underground bus station will feature 10 bus stops around a 89 meters long pedestrian island, 7 places for minibuses and a drop-off taxi stand. The bus station will be available both from the Railway Station’s building and a square located in front of the main Station’s entrance as well as from the south side of the Galeria Katowicka retail center.

In April and July last year, a simulation of the underground bus station took place respectively in a bus depot in Gliwice and near the “Spodek” hall. The simulation’s aim was to test the previously designed transportation models of passenger and vehicular traffic organization at the station in real-life conditions. The conducted simulation also helped to draw bus timetables.

The bus station’s designers wanted to make sure that the project correctly embraced all significant elements, such as U-turn maneuvers, buses leaving from the station, various ways of parking and passengers smoothly changing one bus to another, namely all the most complicated maneuvers occurring at a station. The attempt involved both 15-meter long articulated buses and shorter, non articulated ones.

The underground bus station and the tunnel are supposed to be delivered in Q2 2012 together with the new Railway Station’s building.

© Neinver Polska; underground bus station
© Neinver Polska; bird's-eye view of Galeria Katowicka, Railway Station, office building on the left, multiplex cinema on the right