Upper Silesian warehouse market remains strong

The Katowice agglomeration still remains the second largest warehouse market in Poland in terms of existing stock. In 2013 the gross take-up grew by 46%, however the net take-up dropped by 13% and the vacancy rate grew by 4,8% in comparison to 2012, according to the latest industrial market report of Jones Lang LaSalle.

During the last year tenants leased almost 293 000 sq. meters of total space (gross take-up), with the net take-up amounting to 123 000 sq. meters. The total existing warehouse stock in the region reached the level of 1 431 000 sq. meters.

Despite the large number of lease transactions, the vacancy rate at the end of 2013 stood at 9,3% accounting for 134 000 sq. meters (5% in 2012). The tendency was mostly caused by companies which moved from commercial facilities to their own warehouses.

Apart from well-known locations as Gliwice, Chorzów, Mysłowice and Tychy, developers are now more willing to build new warehouses along the new section of the A1 motorway situated between Gliwice and Pyrzowice where the Katowice International Airport is located.

At present, about 37 000 sq. meters of new warehouse spaces is under active construction. Last year, the largest developments included new buildings for Dayco in Segro Industrial Park Tychy (18 000 sq. meters) and the extension of the Panattoni parks in Czeladź (12 000 sq. meters) and in Mysłowice (10 000 sq. meters).

Major lease transactions were secured by Inter Cars (15 000 sq. meters) in Goodman Sosnowiec Logistics Center and by Autopartner (15 000 sq. meters) in MLP Bieruń.

The Katowice agglomeration is one of the most populous local markets in Poland what will be a very attractive factor for developers and tenants. Additionally, the junction of the A1 and A4 motorways in Sośnica (Gliwice) will attract tenants interested not only in the local market but also in distribution services for Poland and the whole of Central and Eastern Europe.

Due to the well-developed road infrastructure, Upper Silesia has almost entirely taken over the role of the logistics provider for the nearby agglomeration of Kraków.