Video: Railway Station’s builders talk about the project

Neinver Polska, a developer of the new Railway Station and Galeria Katowicka, prepared a film which is dedicated to the construction aspects of the investment. Viewers are guided by representatives of the project’s prime contractor, the Strabag company, and SUD Architectes – designers of the complex. The video is provided with English subtitles.

It is addressed to real estate employees, architecture and urban planning students and all those who are interested in the investment and construction/design matters.

The production was created within the “Centrum KTW” (CTK Center – Creativity, Tradition, Knowledge), which is to propagate knowledge, encourage and support local artists in order to cultivate the Silesian tradition and use their potential while developing new urban space.

Owing to CTK Center, local artists, authors and even entrepreneurs will be given support. At various meetings and workshops, the Center’s partners, who are renowned specialists in different fields, will be sharing their knowledge and providing solutions beneficially influencing the operations of the Silesian business.