Warimpex and UBM celebrate topping out of the angelo hotel

Three weeks ago katowicethecity.com wrote about topping out of the angelo hotel and the final construction works on the roof. Both developers Warimpex and UBM celebrated this fact last week and released a press note:

The work to expand the hotel portfolios of UBM Realitätenentwicklung AG and Warimpex Finanz- und Beteiligungs AG is continuing with the construction of a four-star hotel under the well known angelo brand in the Polish business metropolis of Katowice. The project is proceeding according to schedule in spite of the currently difficult economic conditions, and the topping-out ceremony was held on Thursday, 18 June 2009. The EUR 30 million projected is slated to be completed in March 2010. Both builders UBM CEO Karl Bier and Warimpex CEO Franz Jurkowitsch see Katowice as a clearly anti-cyclical bid: “When the economy gets back into swing, our hotel will already be on the market.” The hotel is to be managed by the proven and trusted partner Vienna International.

The city of Katowice is only 400 kilometres and less than five hours from Vienna by car, and is the centre of the Upper Silesian industrial region. The city has 340,000 inhabitants, and another 300,000 people live in the greater area. The region is a robust economic motor, and Katowice itself is one of Poland’s cultural centres with a unique mix of traditional and modern facets. Since environmental conditions have improved in the highly industrialised region, the tourism industry has been growing promisingly. Katowice offers its visitors rich artistic and cultural treasures. “The city has enormous potential. However, to unlock its full tourism potential, the city needs more hotel capacities that live up to current quality standards. The new hotel will be ideal for business travellers and tourists. This should ensure good occupancy rates throughout the week and therefore good sales,” says UBM CEO Karl Bier confidently.

The hotel, which is located directly in the city centre, will have 197 rooms and suites, as well as nearly 100 parking spaces and also conference facilities covering 950 square metres. The building in Katowice was planned by the up-and-coming architect Leszek Łękawa and his architectural office Impressio.

As is the case with the currently operating angelos in Munich, Prague, Bucharest and Plzen and the angelo that will be opening in Ekaterinburg in the autumn, the hotel will feature a compelling design with carefully selected colours and forms. The design concept is based on a mix of intense blacks, coral reds, yellows and whites, underscored by Asian furniture and accessories. “We are certain,” says Warimpex CEO Franz Jurkowitsch, “that our establishment will receive very high marks from business people, tourists and the residents of Katowice alike.” The new hotel will not only bolster the tourism industry in the city of Katowice, but will also provide impetus for the international investment community to commit to the promising region of Upper Silesia.

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