Warimpex plans to build hotel and offices

A conference considering an investment potential of the City “It is worth to invest in Katowice” has taken place today in the angelo Hotel Katowice. Among many business representatives and local authorities, the press conference was attended by Jerzy Krogulec, the Chief Executive Officer of Warimpex Polska. This is what he said about the company’s plans and its future in the City.

“Warimpex has already finished one hotel investment in Katowice which is the four-star angelo brand. But we believe in the City’s potential and the company plans further expansion in Katowice. Warimpex has bought a construction plot opposite the Silesia City Center shopping mall. This is our half-and-half joint venture with Louvre Hotels and we want to build together a hotel for about 500 places. We hope to start the investment next year but everything depends on the market” – Jerzy Krogulec said during the conference.

“We are also considering a renovation of an office property but we will be able to disclose more details in a few months. What I can say now, the facility is located about 200-300 meters from the angelo Hotel Katowice” – he finished.