What is the schedule for Railway Station?

Exactly one year ago, the Trans-Ziem company started demolishment works on Szewczyka Sq. and consequently a construction work on the Neinver’s multifunctional project of a new Railway Station and Galeria Katowicka begun.

“Since the beginning of the new year we will concentrate our efforts on the construction works of the Station’s part as we want to deliver it in the middle of 2012” – said Rafał Elżanowski, Investment Director at Neinver Polska. According to the investor, the Railway Station’s hall will be put at passengers disposal in the first instance. About two months later an underground bus station and Dworcowa St. will be made available for use.

“We are going to start the construction work of a cup-shaped pillars in the turn of March and April 2012. At first we will raise four pillars from the east side – a future entrance to the main hall. In the turn of May and June next year, these four pillars’ structure should be finished. The remaining twelve of all sixteen cup-shaped pillars we are going to construct successively while the new Railway Station’s hall will operate to handle passengers” – said Antoni Pomorski, Project Manager at Neinver Polska. “Presently we carry on all the works on an underground car park and the bus station, Galeria Katowicka and an underground part of the planned office building. However, the construction of the above levels of the office building will be conducted later on. Neinver did not make a decision yet when it would start. For that reason we prepared a project of a small square to be a temporary public space. It will be situated at the site until the start of the works on the office building” – he explained.

The works on the project are carried not only by construction crews. Medusa Group, an architectural studio from Bytom, presented a design of Galeria Katowicka’s interiors on Thursday. “We tried to create a simple project. That is why we abandoned the typical elements of shopping malls as fountains, water-falls, artificial flowers and any other plants. Colours of white and black will dominate the interior. Floors will mostly be white with black lines. Fluorescent lamps will be used on open-work black ceilings” – said Przemo Łukasik, Co-founder and Architect at Medusa Group. Galeria Katowicka is to be opened in 2013 and will deliver 53 000 sq. meters of rentable retail space.

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