Who will build passive building?

Today, the Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park Ltd. issued a tender for the construction of a passive building*. Bidding companies are given one a half month to prepare and file their offers. Bids opening will take place on 25th of May 2011.

The new passive building will comprise 6 335 sq. meters. It is a part of the project named “development and application of new technologies in the area of energy saving and renewable energy sources in the Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park”. The project is partially financed from EU funds and the state budget, its total worth exceeds PLN 97 million.

The building will be built in accordance with passive-construction standards and will comprise laboratories equipped with, among others, space process cooling and fiber optic cable installations. It will also house nine-meter-high rooms for testing bulky machinery, for example solar collectors, required mostly by the renewable energy resources companies . Additionally, there will be a data center, office spaces, conference and training rooms put at tenants disposal.

  • Technologies which are going to be applied in the building:
    – solar collectors
    – solar cells
    – systems of geothermal probes (50 m)
    – heat pump
    – passive windows
    – heat recovery ventilation
    – indoor window blinds
    – BKT ceilings

A construction work is expected to start in mid-2011 and to be finished in 18 months.

* A passive house is a building which consumes a minimal possible amount of energy at the level of 15 kWh/sqm/year to heat its interiors, to be compared with 120 kWh/sqm/year in traditional buildings. (According to Passive House Institute in Darmstadt)