Will future bring another shopping center?

Prime Properties Sp. z o.o. from Warsaw seems to plan a commercial complex in the City Center. This development with a multi-level car park would be located at 6 Piotra Skargi Sq. where the “Supersam” shopping center and bus station are currently placed.
Report already submitted in the City Hall concerns a complex influence on environment and was prepared by Invest-Eko.

West Side Invest Sp. z o.o., Tychy seated developer, plans an office project with underground car park near A4 highway and “3 Stawy” shopping center. A development site is situated in the area of Rodańska, Alpejska and Szybowcowa streets.
A share-holder of West Side Invest is Arkad-Invest Sp. z o.o. known for completion of the Green Park office complex and the Atrium office building.