Work partition

Settlements between the City Hall of Katowice and the Polish-Spanish consortium chosen as a planner of the new center, was presented during a press conference. Four companies composes the consortium. A chief and coordinator of the design process is BPI Redan which will be concerned with a city architecture, green spaces and hydrology (shape of Rawa river banks). Spanish Apia XXI is going to prepare roads and parkings plan as well as an undergound infrastructure and sewers. BIPROKOM – Kraków S.A. has to design trackways. A Katowice seated Ecoone will propose new solutions of electricity, telecommunication and evironmental protection.

Designers are abled to take into consideration planning guidelines of the Tomasz Konior planning brief. The design works have to be finished after 16 months, until 14th of January 2011. Three design conceptions will be prepared earlier and is predicted to submit them to the citizens opinion. The contract is worth PLN 5 487 560.