Works on foundations of new SCC

Construction works on new Silesia City Center (SCC) entered the third phase of six planned. Builders are currently working on foundations for an underground car park which will be able to hold about 900 vehicles. Together with the existing parking lot, it will be the biggest underground car park in Katowice comprising 1700 places.

At present, up to 5 000 cubic meters of soil are transported out of the construction site each day. About 500 cubic meters of crushed stone are used for the foundations daily. Almost 40 of 410 spot footings were already prepared and construction of -1 level pillars started.

“Works are currently covering almost full area of the construction site. All our efforts are focusing on the foundations right now” – explains Artur Kotas, Project Manager at DIL Polska Baumanagement which is responsible for the construction works’ management. “This month builders are going to start with a cavity wall protecting foundations of the existing part of SCC. First tower cranes will start working on the site in December. First elements of ceiling above the -1 level should appear this year” – Kotas added.

During the extension of Silesia City Center three additional parking lots were opened for customers in the area of the complex – at Słoneczny Sq., near the Oak Terraces housing estate and on Węglowa St. Two underground car parks under Tesco and Saturn are still available for visitors.

The extension will be concluded in autumn 2011.

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